Monday, February 1, 2016

Litter River Otter

For our first official Asheville-based Repurposed Arts installation we have our Litter River Otter!

Repurposed Arts has joined forces with GreenWorks, a stellar environmental organization dedicated to cleaning up the environment, river water quality, youth development and all around environmental awesomeness!

We have started using the trash collected in GreenWorks' street and nature clean ups to be used towards art materials for this mural and future sculptures. We select, wash and sanitize, and color sort the trash before it is presented as art materials. The quantity of trash collected is outstanding, sending a real message home that this is a good route for us to take for future art projects. We hope to continue this relationship and keep this trash from the landfill by making these environmental art installations to educate the public on the issues with pollution in our area.

This mural was created with a summer school Enka Middle school group with YMCA

We washed and color sorted the trash and then worked from an under-painting. This was the first "impressionistic" trash mural I have created. We learned a lot of lessons in this pilot program on how to approach the construction of the mural, but the kids had a lot of fun and we were all super happy with the results!

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