Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Tidal Wave of Trash

Hello again!

We have some very exciting developments with the wave. We found a name for it! Andre has deemed the trash monster, "the Tidal Wave of Trash." We feel really happy with this name. It represents its nature very strongly, giving it an easily recognizable title with a very new concept behind it.

Today we were interviewed by the Huntington Independent newspaper. Their article should be released around Thursday, we'll post newspaper examples up once we receive a copy.

We have been adding a lot of color to the wave. It feels really good to see it develop. The evolution of the sculpture seems to be forming so naturally. Still, any problems we seem to run into are easily figured out, and are often far less of a problem than we assumed, sometimes even a happy accident.

Here are a couple examples of our first layers at more of a close up view. We are finding so many of the same items over and over. It seems like there are thousands of bottle caps and straws, along with tons of Starbucks cups, plastic water bottles, and Capri Sun juice packs. It really makes us wonder why with all of our knowledge and technology to create plant-based, biodegradable materials that those resourses have yet to be utilized with these major companies.

Here is an up-close view of some of the whitewash we have sewn onto the chicken wire.

Here we are starting to add color to the back of the wave by sewing on the blue and green trash to the clear layer we stapled onto the wooden base.

Its amazing how familiar all of these materials we are working with are to us. We have consumed and used most all of the items we are working with. Its crazy to be so engulfed by the items we see everyday, but its sicken to know that it was all found on our precious beaches.

With each piece meticulously sewn on, its starting to feel like an enormous quilt we are creating. Each piece is being placed like a mosaic in order of color and value to stick to the true nature of a real wave.

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