Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Updates on the Wave.

We have some news with the 2011 Independence Day Parade in Huntington Beach.

Uhaul has donated us a box truck to transport the wave and a flatbed truck to carry it in the wave. We will be having volunteers and guests of Surfrider add the final touches of the "beach" onto the trailer the day before the wave.

We have been fortunate enough to be sponsored by Farmers & Merchants Bank for entry into this years parade.

We will be marketing with Surfrider with an emphasis on their "Rise Against Plastic" campaign. There will be kids dressed up as "bag monsters" in which they where a suit covered head to toe in plastic bags. The Huntington Beach Boyscouts will also be following our float with trash claws picking up any trash that the parade has left behind, an extra bonus to the environment.

Here is the banner that will be carries in front of our float on the 4th starting at 10 am on Main St in Huntington Beach

Below is the announcement that will be made as we pass by the parade booth, put together by Emily Lewis, Marketing Department from F&M Bank

"Nothing captures the spirit of the great coastal city of Huntington Beach like an ocean wave.

Unfortunately, however, our picturesque shoreline is too often littered with empty containers, abandoned plastic bottles and other rubbish.  Beautiful ocean waves no longer crash against a pristine coastline in Huntington Beach – and elsewhere.

But with the help of the Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of our oceans, lands and beaches, public awareness is growing when it comes to the pervasive effects of plastics and other discarded items on our shoreline.

And now, Farmers & Merchants Bank, an organization that stands firmly behind its belief in green practices and sustainability, is honored to sponsor the Huntington Beach/Seal Beach Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation in presenting this inspiring, one-of-a-kind sculpture created by artists Hannah Cosner and Tierney Moses.

Not only embodying the iconic city of Huntington Beach, but also reminding beachgoers of the need to recycle and properly dispose of garbage, the “Tidal Wave of Trash” sculpture is the byproduct of Andre Faubert’s 30/30 experiment in which he collected litter from the coastline of Huntington Beach for one hour a day, 30 days straight - collecting nearly 600 pounds of garbage.  If the “Tidal Wave of Trash” represents the work of one man in 30 days, think of what we could accomplish together if each of us were to make the same commitment.

F&M supports the Huntington Beach/Seal  Beach Surfrider Foundation and salutes the organization in its mission to raise awareness of the harmful effects of beachside litter.

Please join F&M in reducing the amount of plastic consumed daily and remember to visit the Huntington Beach/Seal Beach Surfrider Foundation online at www.hbsurfrider.org.  You can also visit the new Farmers & Merchants Bank website at www.fmb.com."

Come out and see us in the largest Independence Day parade on the West Coast this 4th of July! 

See you there!!!

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